KINECT Applications

Two simple applications using KINECT have been developed by students of Human Computer Interaction course at Informatics Department University of Padjadjaran. Those applications are (i) Motion Controlled Calculator and(ii) Gong Player. Both applications utilized Visual Studio 2013 using C# programming and Kinect SDK facilities supported by Dreamspark Microsoft.
Video Gong KINECT
IMG_20140619_133908Video K-kalkulator

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NAO Programming using .NET and Webots

NAO is an excellent and complete robot. In this activity, we explored knowledge on how to program NAO using Visual Studio .NET and implement it visually using Webot, a robot simulator. All information are packed in 8-pack short tutorial slides. This work are one of SAME 2013 program result. Watch NAO in Action in Youtube









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Virtual Kendang v2

New version of Virtual Kendang is designed to overcome the weaknesses of previous version. In this version, code is rewritten and supporting science and technology are renewed.


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Virtual Kendang

The research is to build algorithm to detect 3D hand push and pull movements on a surface according to distance and speed.  It  has contribution to introduce one of Sundanese musical instrument that can be played virtually. It can be used as a learning tool of Sundanese art in the context of culture and identity preservation of Sundanese people.  musical instrument, Virtual Kendang can be played along with other instruments to create wonderful sounds as the result of collaboration between classical and modern music.vk2
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What is Computer Vision (from Václav Hlavác and Others)





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Hello world!

Selamat datang di  Computer Vision Research Laboratory, sebuah laboratorium berkualitas lain yang ada di Universitas Padjadjaran. Pada situs ini akan disajikan berbagai informasi yang berkaitan dengan aktifitas yang dilakukan dalam Laboratorium ini serta produk-produk yang telah dihasilkan.

Welcome to  the VisiLab, just another qualified research laboratory @ University of Padjadjaran.

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